After a show, we love hearing the words: "I've never heard anything like that!" Nothing beats that feeling of having created a totally new and surprising experience. Though we love playing for classical music and saxophone quartet aficionados, we're also always looking to reach new audiences who wouldn't otherwise get to hear us. 

To that end, we submitted an audition CD a few months ago to "Music Under New York", a program curated by New York's MTA, bringing diverse music to the city's subway system. Playing in New York's subway presents a unique opportunity for musicians to reach massive amounts of people from all walks of life.

We were thrilled to hear back that we had been selected from over 1,000 applicants for 60 audition spots. On Tuesday morning, we woke up way too early and caught the train in New Haven, heading for NYC. On the way, we thought about what was at the end of the line - a city with a rich history blurring the lines of traditional arts venues, a city where the arts infuse its streets, buildings, parks, and of course, it's iconic underground corridors. 

Tuesday’s audition in Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Hall was a fascinating experience. We were allowed five minutes to make an impression on a group of thirty-five judges. We choose to perform "Cordoba" from Guillermo Lago's Ciudades, a piece that evokes the southern Spanish city with virtuosic flair, and clocks in neatly at just under four and a half minutes. As we played, a crowd accumulated as fast-walking travelers stopped to watch us. Media outlets from around the world showed up to cover the auditions, and after our performance, reporters from Al Jazeera America and other outlets took us aside for interviews.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll hear back if we were one of the 20 granted permission to perform as featured artists in the subway. But win or lose, we were honored to take part in this mini music festival, and we're more committed than ever to bring our music to new and unsuspecting audiences.  

You can read about the auditions in this article from amNewYork - and be sure to check out the video where you can hear a clip from our audition!