Our last blog post dealt with our desires to redefine a traditional, classical concert space, especially in unique venues around town.  As a group, we aim to connect the best of both worlds: the intimacy and sheer fun of a small venue with the excitement of high-energy instrumental music, typically played in the concert hall.

Our February 28, 2014 performance at J. René Coffee Roasters.

This past week however, Asylum went back to our roots on the concert stage, participating in the 2014 International Chamber Music Ensemble Competition at Boston University.  The two-day competition brought classical groups from everywhere and from a wide age range.  As you might have expected, we were the only saxophone quartet selected.  We decided on a short 20-minute program to illustrate who we NOW are as self-motivated musicians.

We had a fun time rediscovering ourselves in the competition setting, and ultimately winning the Grand Prize.  But our performances in untraditional settings have definitely helped give us the upper hand with confidence, stage presence, and meaningful programming.

High five!

Here's a tidbit from our Finals performance that night.  Enjoy!