Spaces: J. René and The Buttonwood Tree

Since we founded Asylum in 2012, we’ve been fortunate enough to perform in a variety of interesting venues. We’ve played in churches, recital halls, homes, art galleries, elementary schools and universities. Along the way, we’ve found it an exciting musical challenge to adapt to difference spaces, different acoustics, and different audiences. Some of our favorite venues have been those that allow us to present chamber music in it’s truest form: small, intimate spaces that allow us to make a stronger connection with our audiences. 


Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of playing at The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, Connecticut. This venue was entirely new to us. The Buttonwood is an art gallery, bookstore, and performance space all rolled into one, and hosts a wide variety of cultural events; we loved the eclectic nature of the entire space. We were placed very close to our audience – this always encourages more involvement and allows our audience to connect to the performance on a new level.

 Our first performance at J. Rene in 2012.

Our first performance at J. Rene in 2012.

One of our favorite places to play has been J. René Coffee Roasters, located in our home base of West Hartford, Connecticut. (Coincidentally, they also roast and brew the best coffee in West Hartford.) Our first performance together as a quartet was actually at J. René in September, 2012, soon after they opened for business. We loved the atmosphere and the acoustics, which allowed us to play lush classical works and booming electronic pieces. The relaxed and social nature of playing in a coffee shop makes performing here a blast for us and our audiences alike.

We’ll be returning to J. Rene for the third time next week, on Friday, February 28th. For more info, head to the event page here.