Branding the AQ

A couple months ago, we came across the website of Karl Fekete, a graphic designer out of Columbus, Ohio.  We loved the classic, hand-drawn feel of his work, and we started to talk to him about designing a logo for the quartet. One of our favorite logos of his is the "GC" design below, for a grilled cheese food truck. Mmmm.

2013-Grilled Cheese-Logo.jpg

On his website, Karl features a design project he calls "Branding the Wonders of the World." Each design features a postcard-like combination of image and text. This series really shows off Karl's ability to evoke a distinct atmosphere through design. On the right is his branding of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (full collection here). 

For our logo, we asked Karl to make something bold with a classic and not-too-serious feel. We're really happy with what he came up with. We love the way the letters intertwine and interlock, like the individual voices of the quartet coming together (or maybe we're reading too much into that part...)


Here's a poster-ized version of our logo:


And a flashy GIF: 


The AQ bullseye:


Coming soon: Asylum swag! We're also thinking about a hand-stamp we can use on audience members, as a temporary souvenir from the show. We'd be tempted to use it on ourselves though, all the time...

Thanks, Karl!