"nonstop virtuoso skills"

- James F. Cotter, Times Herald-Record

“…evocative, educational, and refreshing…[the] kind of concert that would cause you to want to hear it again.”

- Sandra Matuschka, Newport Daily News (Rhode Island)

"...their sounds transported me to a crowded, lively marketplace; the seaside with apprehensive fog horns; a forest path under towering trees; a whirlwind, bustling city; the solemnity of a memorial service; and then joyful moments of catching sunbeams on a carousel....the Asylum Quartet is a group of gifted musicians who give us mindful moments of reflection and inner smiles. "

- Rita Watson, Psychology Today

"There is so much energy and optimism in everything these gentlemen do...and their skill is maddening."

Ljova (Lev Zhurbin), composer

“extremely comfortable with…every nuance the score required”

- Frank J. Oteri,

"One of the most sophisticated concerts I have heard in years. The very eclectic program reached our entire audience with enthusiasm."

- Sumner Jenkins, Music Director, St. John's Church

"roaring towards success...they expertly deliver an experience like no other."

Fawzi Haimor, Conductor

"You guys totally made my day, week, month and year! Thanks for such an amazing performance."

- John Dankosky, Host of WNPR's "Where We Live"

"As our 2014-2015 Outreach Ensemble, the Asylum Quartet provided an unforgettable residency, performing and teaching 1,600 Pre-K, elementary, and middle school students in under-served areas of southeastern Connecticut. Through their outstanding, engaging, and age-appropriate programming, the quartet enriched classrooms and inspired students." 

- Pam Allen Hunter, Administrative Director, Musical Masterworks (Connecticut)

“To say that their performance was one of the highlights of our season would be an understatement. The musicianship displayed was impeccable and the personalities of the performers made for a most enjoyable evening.”

- Albert Bayers, Vice President, Merryall Center for the Arts (Connecticut)

“We seldom, if ever, get to hear such unique music-making...mind-blowing, mind-expanding...There was no denying their incredible virtuosity, sensitivity and generosity...the audience was richly rewarded...truly spell-bound.”    

- Susan Ferre, Founder, Music in the Great North Woods (New Hampshire)

“The Asylum Quartet brought chamber music alive in our hall with their expressive interpretations, their top-notch musicianship and their total physical commitment to their craft...four virtuosi who clearly enjoy what they do...bring something to catch your jaw!”

- Monique Lavertu, Executive Director, St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts (New Hampshire)

"The concert was stunning: demonstrating such technical artistry and musical enthusiasm that the audience was entranced and was one of our finest concerts in twenty years."

- Sandra Keith, Arts Institute of Western Maine

"a superb and unusual exhilarating night...wonderful musicians!"

- Milton Kidd, Professor Emeritus of Piano, American University

"These are the types of experiences that are transformative for our students."

- David C. Howes, Principal, Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication (Connecticut)

"The four gifted saxophonists of the Asylum Quartet perform with great sensitivity, clarity, and musicianship...[Our] audience was enthralled with these young musicians." 

- Elaine Godowsky, President, George Flynn Classical Concerts (Connecticut)

"Their ability to collaborate with very young students made for an awesome and unforgettable experience!"

- Calida Jones, Program Director, Bravo Waterbury! (Connecticut)

“Asylum Quartet performed with great flair and artistry. Their program demonstrated a keen sensitivity to the music and they were deeply connected with each other, playing as if they were one person. The audience was completely engaged with their performance and rose to their feet with thunderous applause at the conclusion of the program...thanks for an outstanding performance!”

- Dr. Craig Scott Symons, Director of Music, First Congregational Church of Greenwich (Connecticut)

“This virtuosic saxophone ensemble impressed, delighted and I dare say, thrilled audiences…Personally, I can’t think of a better way to launch our summer music series.”

- Frank Juliano, Executive Director, Reeves Reed Arboretum (New Jersey)

"My already high expectations for the Asylum Quartet were exceeded. On top of technical proficiency they provided a narrative that was informative and entertaining, and a varied repertoire that covered considerable musical terrain. Their performance left the audience very satisfied and smiling."

- Gordon Peery, Music in Bass Hall, The Monadnock Center for History and Culture (New Hampshire)

"The Asylum Quartet filled the air with poetic melodies with exquisite timing and tenderness, harmoniously drawing us in to a world of classical music like I have never heard before. Moving us with diversity of sounds, their final klezmer tune lifted us to our feet for a standing ovation. Wonderful!"

- Anne-Marie Cannata, Executive Director, Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts and Cultural Center (Connecticut)

“The Merryall Center for the Arts offers a wide range of music each season…The Asylum Quartet presents the same range in one evening. An amazing, fun, entertaining performance by four guys who obviously enjoy the music and performing.”

- Gerard J. Monaghan, Co-President, Merryall Center for the Arts (Connecticut)

“I am continuously impressed with the high-level artistry and musicianship that the Asylum Quartet brings to every performance. They are truly on the cutting edge as performers and they bring a palpable excitement to every venue I have witnessed them in.”

- Adam Fontana, founder-conductor of the Hudson Valley Chamber Winds (New York)

"The Asylum Quartet were a wonderful way to start this summer's concert series…Their music is truly captivating and offers something for everyone in the audience…I can't recommend them highly enough."

- Clayton Cheever, Assistant Director, Thomas Crane Public Library (Massachusetts)

“We loved your ensemble. Gorgeous sound, excellent repertoire, and precise playing.”

- Terri Rioux, Assistant Director of Resident Relations, The Whitney Center (Connecticut)

“The Asylum Quartet provided a fascinating, educational, and enjoyable concert and conducted themselves with great professionalism on and off the stage.”

- Markus Centola, Musical Director, St. John's Episcopal Church (Connecticut)

"The Asylum Quartet was outstanding!  They're so talented, and their skill and love of the music was obvious in every piece they played. This was one of the most exciting concerts we've had, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the program."

- Anita Barney, Director, The Brookfield Library (Connecticut)

"One can't help but smile and be pulled into their sonic world."

- Ryan Jesperson, composer